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Linehan Artist Scholars Application

Thank you for your interest in the Linehan Artist Scholars Program. In addition to the information you supplied on the UMBC Common Application, you will need to complete the Linehan Artist Scholars application to be considered as a candidate for the program. When completing the application you will not have the option to save and return at a later time. You will need to complete and submit your application in one sitting. The application and all supplemental materials must be received by the priority deadline.

Priority Deadline

Freshmen Deadline: January 15, 2018

Please refer to the information below in preparation for completing the Linehan Artist Scholars application.

UMBC Campus ID

The Linehan Artist Scholars application will require that you have your UMBC Campus ID. Your Campus ID will be sent approximately five to seven business days after you have submitted your Common Application to UMBC. We strongly encourage you to complete your undergraduate admissions package before November 1. This includes submission of your Common Application, high school transcript, and standardized test score results.

Short Answers

You should prepare short essay answers of 300 words or less. The application will allow you to cut and paste your answers from your word processing software into the form. The questions you will need to answer are:

  1. Please discuss your artistic and academic goals. Be as specific as you can in addressing your primary area(s) of interest and, if at all possible, your thoughts on your professional future. (Visual Arts applicants should use the artist’s statement submitted as part of the Visual Arts portfolio application.)
  2. Please describe your creative and scholarly activities including your training and education in your area of artistic interest. The committee welcomes information about honors, awards, exhibitions, productions or published materials.
  3. Please list and describe your extracurricular community activities. The Linehan Artist Scholars Program is a community of artists. How will you contribute to this community?

Additional Documents

You are also free to submit any relevant documents that you believe strengthen your application. These documents can be submitted as attachments to the application. The documents must be either in an Adobe PDF format or a Microsoft Word document.

Visual Arts applicants must submit portfolio reviews and supplemental materials by January 15th for consideration. To learn more about the portfolio submission process, please visit the Department of Visual Arts website.


Dance, Music and Theater applicants will be required to submit two letters of recommendation addressing your suitability for this program. The letters should speak to your commitment to the arts. Applicants may use recommendation letters submitted with the Common Application provided that one letter is from an art faculty member who can speak to the applicant’s commitment to the arts and suitability to the Program.  (Visual arts applicants are already required to submit references as part of the portfolio application process and do not need to send additional letters with this application.)

There are three (3) ways you may submit recommendation letters indicated below.  Please communicate with recommenders to identify their preferred method and allow enough time for a January 15 submission.

  1. Students may upload and attach an electronic version of their recommendations (jpeg, pdf, doc) using the online Linehan application.
  2. Students may provide each recommender with a Scholars Program Recommendation Form to be completed and sent by mail or fax (details on form).
  3. Recommenders may choose to personally upload the Scholars Program Recommendation Form and supporting documents via our contact form. Note recommenders are not required to be listed on the student’s Authorization to Disclose Information Form

Artistic Disciplines

Students may apply for the Linehan Artist Scholars Program through multiple artistic disciplines. Please click on a link below or contact the people listed for detailed instructions on how to complete this required component.


Dance Department, Joy Abee, at


Music Department, Connie Bailey, at


Theatre Department, Eve Muson, at

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Department, Melanie Berry, at

Portfolio reviews and supplemental materials must be completed by January 15.

Honors College

You may also use this application to apply for the UMBC Honors College. Admission decisions for the Honors College are determined by a separate committee. For consideration, applicants should have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.00 scale in a strong college preparatory curriculum that includes honors, Advancement Placement or International Baccalaureate coursework.

If interested in pursuing this option, please answer the following essay question with a minimum of 600 words and attach to the application as an additional “Attachment” document.

  • Describe an artwork that has had a major impact on you and describe specifically what about this artwork has had this impact, what the impact was, and how this artwork contributes to your intellectual curiosity.

The deadline has passed for Fall 2018 Applicants