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Accepting Your Transfer Merit Scholarship Agreement

UMBC Merit Scholarships are only offered to incoming freshmen and transfer students.  Spring 2018 Incoming Transfers must accept their offer by accepting the terms and conditions of their agreement no later than January 5, 2018.

Please note:  If you have trouble accessing the agreement, please try viewing the form in IE or Firefox.  “Refreshing” your window will invalidate the agreement page and causes an error.

STEP 1:  If you have not already done so, please Upgrade your MyUMBC Account Note: You must allow 24 hours after you before proceeding to Step 2.

STEP 2:  Log in to your myUMBC account and access your Alerts.

STEP 3:  Under your Alerts please view your Financial Aid and Scholarships To Dos.  Click on the link provided in the “Merit Scholarship Agreement” To Do.

STEP 4: Review the award offer, details, and terms and conditions.

STEP 5:  Indicate your response by selecting “accept” or “decline.”

STEP 6:  Once your response has been indicated, select “Sign to Accept Award” and ensure your name and campus ID populates correctly.

STEP 7:  Before selecting “Submit” to send this form to our office, please print a copy for your reference by selecting “Print”

STEP 8:  Once successfully submitted, a confirmation page will be displayed.