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Co-Op Experience & Study Abroad Requests

Co-Op Experiences/Internships

Prior to registering, scholars are highly encouraged to contact the Merit Scholarships Unit to determine whether their merit scholarship is valid towards the program experience or internship of their interest. Co-Op and internships must provide academic credit towards the scholar’s UMBC degree and major. Scholars enrolled in any courses affiliated with PRAC 099, which earn 0 credits towards their degree, are not eligible to collect their scholarship during the semester. Scholars may request to defer their scholarship during the semester they are enrolled in PRAC 099 to a future semester of eligible enrollment by submitting the Scholarship Deferral Request Form. Contact the Merit Scholarships Unit online via our contact form or by phone at 410-455-3813 for additional information.

Study Abroad

Scholars may have the option to participate in a study abroad program for one semester and utilize their scholarship for credit-worthy courses earned abroad. Any additional semesters abroad require special review. Prior approval is required from both the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and the Study Abroad Office. Scholars must contact our office to schedule a study abroad appointment.

Scholars who are part of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program will need to also complete the Meyerhoff Study Abroad Request Form prior to meeting with a representative from the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Meyerhoff Study Abroad Request Form