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Parents & Family

Welcome parents of prospective, new and current UMBC students! We strongly encourage our students to be proactively involved in the financial aid process that affects them; however, we understand that parents sometimes require specific information about their students’ financial aid in order to assist them with college expenses. To this end, the following will assist parents in making the financial aid process a little easier.

Accessing Student Records

Parents who need information about their student’s financial aid package, will be given this information if an Authorization to Disclose Information form is on file. It is the student’s responsibility to submit this form, listing the names of anyone authorized to receive the student’s financial information. Parents can call our office to receive information and representatives will be happy to assist.

Estimating Out-of-pocket Expenses

Parents can estimate their students’ out-of-pocket expenses by comparing the financial aid award package to estimated tuition, fee, room and board charges which can be found under the Cost tab.

Additional Loans to Supplement the Award Package