International Students


International students are ineligible for Federal Student Aid and institutional need-based financial aid. However, international students may be considered for scholarships and assistantships.

The Scholarship Retriever is available to all UMBC students and allows students to submit a general scholarship application to be considered for additional opportunities available at UMBC.

UMBC also participates in the #YouAreWelcomeHere national scholarship program, pledging to offer scholarships for international students to study in the U.S.

Freshmen applicants are considered automatically for all general merit-based scholarships. They may also apply to UMBC Scholar Programs.

The International Student and Scholar Services offers two annual, renewable scholarships for up to four years of study that covers 50% tuition at time of initial matriculation. The scholarships are open to first-year international students admitted for undergraduate degree-seeking study at UMBC. Successful applicants will be dedicated to furthering the #YouAreWelcomeHere message by bridging intercultural divides. Applicants will submit a 500-1000 word written essay or a 2-5 minute video about their ideas for advancing intercultural learning and understanding at UMBC.

Graduate Students may receive funding through Assistantships, which are typically offered by academic departments. Questions about assistantships should be directed to your academic department.

Alternative (Private) loans:

Alternative loans may be available for international students through select borrowers. UMBC offers a neutral listing of loan options through ELM that allows students to select criteria to determine loans that may be a good fit. Please note that the listing of alternative loan options on the ELM website is not comprehensive and the University does not endorse any specific lender or group of lenders. When applying be sure that your address and other identifying information is listed correctly with the university and the lender for timely processing.

Monthly Payment Plans:

International students may participate in UMBC’s Monthly Payment Plan, as an alternative to a one-time payment of the bill in full. Students can sign up for payment plans each semester with Student Business Services (SBS). You can find more information on payment plans and billing with SBS.

International students may also visit the following web pages to gather additional information regarding their studies in the United States:

For more information about international study at UMBC, please visit our International Student and Scholar Services.

Students pursuing an F-1 Visa should also review the Student Financial Requirements.

Be sure to download the International Student Arrival Guide to help you prepare for your first few weeks here at UMBC!

Use our interactive Cost Calculator tool to estimate educational expenses and assist in determining out-of-pocket costs.