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SAP Appeal Process

A SAP appeal must be submitted for review to determine if you can regain eligibility for aid. You must include the following items in order for your appeal to be considered as complete:

  1. A signed 2018-2019 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal confirming the semester for which you are appealing and your understanding of the requirements and deadlines for submitting the appeal.
  2. A typed one page explanation that discusses the reason(s) you failed to meet SAP standards for the semester(s) as reflected on your transcript – you must also include what has changed and your plan to ensure future academic success.
  3. A completed 2018-2019 SAP Academic Plan Worksheet– this form must be reviewed and signed by a UMBC Academic Advisor.
  4. A copy of your unofficial UMBC transcript.
  5. Documentation supporting the extenuating circumstance(s) discussed in your appeal letter – timeframes on your documentation should match the timing of the circumstance described in your letter. For example:

Please keep in mind that submission of a SAP appeal does not guarantee that your appeal will be approved. SAP decisions rendered by the SAP Appeals Committee are final and cannot be appealed.

You may continue to attend classes while appealing SAP restriction; however, financial aid will not be released unless the appeal is approved. If you wish to receive an appeal decision that may impact your decision to enroll, you should appeal by the earliest possible deadline date stated on the appeal form. Please be aware that late appeals will not be considered. You will be responsible for payment of your bill by the due date for any outstanding charges even if your appeal decision is pending.

Please note if you are currently dismissed or suspended from UMBC, you must:

  • Submit your appeal by the stated deadline date while awaiting your decision for reinstatement.
  • Be readmitted to the university before a decision can be made regarding your SAP appeal.
    • Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships once you have been readmitted

You should keep in mind that reinstatement to the university does not guarantee receipt of financial aid.