Federal Work-Study (FWS) Information for Supervisors

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships awards students Federal Work-Study (FWS) as an opportunity to earn money to help pay for their education while gaining work experience. This page is dedicated to assisting departments interested in hiring FWS students.

As an R1 institution, UMBC promotes and supports undergraduate participation in research.  UMBC faculty are encouraged to post student research-focused positions and opportunities to the FWS job listing.  FWS-eligible undergraduate students seeking to leverage their FWS funding to support an existing or new research opportunity are encouraged to speak with their faculty research mentor about possibly leveraging their FWS funding.

Getting Started

The FWS Coordinator offers an annual training for departmental staff interested in hiring FWS students. The training, provided in July, is mandatory for departments participating in FWS and provides information related to student eligibility, appropriate work positions and payment procedures.

Following the training, departments are eligible to submit their position description for student viewing. Upon selecting an employee, the department submits the FWS Hire Form to OFAS for confirmation of student eligibility.

Supervising FWS Students

As the supervisor of a FWS student, you are not only offering part-time employment, but providing an encouraging work environment where expectations are clear and regular feedback is offered.

Important Dates

June 29, 2022

1:30-2:30pm (Virtual)

Supervisor Training. Mandatory for new departments interested in hiring FWS students. Excellent refresher for departments who have previously employed FWS students. Sign up for Supervisor Training.
Late July-August Financial Aid begins to email FWS-awarded students with instructions on how to locate a FWS position.
July 18, 2022 Deadline for position descriptions. Positions submitted after this date will be added to the website, but students will have already started looking for jobs beginning late July.
August 31, 2022
(First day of fall semester)
Students are eligible to begin working, provided that all required paperwork is completed.
September 16, 2022 Deadline for departments to submit FWS Hire Forms. Students who do not have a FWS Hire Form on file will have their FWS award offer canceled.
December 21, 2022
(Last day of Fall finals)
Last day for students to work under fall FWS.
January 30, 2023
(First day of Spring classes)
FWS students are eligible to begin working under spring FWS, provided that all required paperwork is completed.
May 24, 2023
(Last day of Spring finals)
Last day for students to work under spring FWS.

2022-2023 Resources

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