Winter Aid

The Office of Summer & Winter Programs awards full and partial scholarships to degree-seeking UMBC students who have a high GPA and are close to graduation. More information about these scholarship opportunities is available on the UMBC Winter Session website.

Generally, there is no additional need-based financial aid available specifically for the Winter Session. However, Pell-eligible recipients who are enrolled for less than 12 credits during the fall term may be eligible for additional Pell Grant based on their combined fall and winter enrollment. Pell Grant recipients enrolled full-time for the fall semester receive their maximum Pell Grant during the fall, and therefore will not have additional eligibility based on winter enrollment.

Students who enroll in fall and winter terms for less than six credit hours in either term may also be eligible to use their combined enrollment for Federal Direct Loan eligibility if the total combined enrollment between the two terms is six credit hours or more.

Students who feel they may be eligible for additional Pell Grant or Federal Direct Loan eligibility in the winter session may contact their financial aid counselor for more information.

For more information about Winter Session, please visit the UMBC Winter Session Website.