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Summer/Winter Aid

Summer Aid 2017

Thinking about enrolling in summer classes to put yourself on track to graduate sooner? Now is the time to think about your academic and financial plans for Summer Session. You can avoid late fees and other financially stressful situations this summer by being proactive about your finances now. We have resources to help you calculate your Summer Session costs, estimate your summer financial aid eligibility, and explore other financing options.

Financial aid for Summer Sessions may be available for eligible UMBC students that are makingĀ Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Since the summer semester is a combination of all sessions within Summer Sessions 1 and 2, your eligibility for financial aid will be finalized after the drop/add date for Summer Session 2. Aid will be approved or adjusted based upon your final enrollment at UMBC for the combined Summer Sessions and will be released to apply to your bill in mid-July. Along with meeting SAP standards, students should also meet the following criteria:

  • Be working towards a degree or approved certificate at UMBC.
  • Have a valid 2016-2017 FAFSA on file.
  • Submit a 2017 Summer Financial Aid Application after you have enrolled in your courses.
    • Applications should be submitted by the Priority Deadline of April 14th in order for your application to be processed by the first billing due date. Submission by the Priority Deadline will ensure evaluation for Summer Aid by May 19th. The final deadline for all applications is June 23rd.
  • Complete the Federal Stafford and/or PLUS Loan applications by June 24th if not already on file.
    • Students must be enrolled in at least six (6) credits and
    • Have remaining loan eligibility for 2016-2017 (did not use the maximum loan amounts during Fall 2016-Spring 2017).

Note: While not required, we strongly encourage students to have a valid 2017-2018 FAFSA on file as well.

For more information about Summer Session 2017, please visit the UMBC Summer Session website.

Monthly Payment Plan

UMBC offers the Monthly Plan Plan (MPP) for the summer semester to help budget your out of pocket costs currently not covered by any financial aid. For a list of allowable charges and for more information on the plan contact Student Business Services.

Winter Aid 2018

Generally, there is no additional aid available specifically for winter session. However, Pell eligible students are encouraged to contact their financial aid counselor to discuss their fall and winter enrollment plans. Pell Grant recipients who are enrolled for less than 12 credits in fall may be eligible for additional Pell Grant based on their combined fall and winter enrollment. Pell Grant recipients enrolled full time for the fall semester will receive their maximum Pell Grant and therefore will not have additional eligibility based on winter enrollment.

Students who enroll in fall and winter terms for less than 6 credit hours in either term may be eligible to use their combined enrollment for Federal Stafford Loan eligibility if the total combined enrollment is 6 credit hours or more. Students are encouraged to contact their financial aid counselor to discuss winter and fall aid eligibility.

For more information about Winter Session 2018, please visit the UMBC Winter Session website.