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UMBC Department Scholarships

This page is designed for the use of UMBC faculty and staff to administer UMBC Department Scholarships.

There are three main categories of UMBC Department Scholarships:

1. Degree-seeking UMBC Student Scholarships

To award a merit or talent scholarship to a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student for the current semester’s enrollment at UMBC, please click here for detailed information.

2. Winter Term or Non-Degree Seeking Student Scholarships

To award a scholarship for the winter term or for a non-degree seeking student attending any term, please complete the requested information on this form and return it to Student Business Services via inter-campus mail.

If you have any questions about SBS Department Scholarship requests, please contact Student Business Services at 410-455-2288.

3. Payments/reimbursements to students for expenses

All payments or reimbursements to students for expenses not related to UMBC tuition and fees will be processed by Accounts Payable. This includes payments for activities such as research or conferences. Please click here for detailed information.