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Scholarship Withdrawal Requests

As indicated in the scholarship agreement, all scholars must maintain full-time (12+ credits) enrollment or a minimum of 6 credits for transfer scholars each semester in order to receive their scholarship. If a scholar falls below their minimum enrollment status for any reason without receiving permission from the Scholarship Review Committee, their scholarship will be discontinued indefinitely. Prior to making any changes to their enrollment, scholars may request to withdraw from class(es) by submitting the Scholarship Withdrawal Request Form.

The following information is required in order to complete the withdrawal request. Feel free to review the documents prior to accessing the on-line form.

  1. Scholarships Withdrawal Request Statement – a personal statement explaining the reason(s) you failed to meet scholarship standards for the semester(s) as reflected on your transcript.
  2. Supporting Documentation – Documentation supporting the extenuating circumstance(s) listed in your appeal statement (i.e. hospital visits/bill, death certificate, etc). Timeframes on your documentation should support the circumstance described in your statement.

Scholarship Withdrawal Request Form

Spring 2018 Withdrawal Requests are no longer being accepted.

Please note: If you have problems viewing the form, please try opening the form in IE or Firefox. New students should also upgrade their myUMBC account before accessing our electronic forms.