2023-2024 Graduate Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance includes costs for which students will be billed directly, such as tuition and mandatory fees. These are termed direct costs. The cost of attendance also includes costs for which a student is not billed directly, but which the student should consider when planning their expenses for attending UMBC. These are termed indirect costs, and can include: rent, utilities and food; books and supplies; transportation to and from campus; loan fees; and other personal expenses. Actual costs for individual students may vary based on personal circumstance.

Annual Tuition/Fees figures currently estimated and based on full time enrollment (9+ credits).


Per Year
Per Year
Tuition/Fees $15,840 $25,146
Housing/Utilities/Food $22,500 $22,500
Books $800 $800
Transportation $2,904 $2,904
Other $1,828 $1,828
Direct Loan Fee $180 $180
PLUS Loan Fee $840 $840
Total: $44,892 $54,198